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Rating Top user
Top quest doers Simoda
Top unique quest doers Morgenstern
Killed by players top ххх16
Killed by NPC top АмфетаминовыйДворник
Mutant food top svetlana1972
Killed by anomalies top svetlana1972
Player killers top АмфетаминовыйДворник
Quest NPC killers top Simoda
Base captures: Private killers top Провин
Base captures: Corporal killers top Провин
Base captures: Sergeant killers top Провин
Artifact capture 1: Wins top Skain
Artifact capture 1: Loss top Balanar
Artifact capture 1: Draw top nickson
Artifact capture 2: Wins top Cheshir
Artifact capture 2: Loss top Январь
Artifact capture 2: Draw top THESUPERBOY
Artifact capture 3: Wins top RIKIMARU22123
Artifact capture 3: Loss top Anni
Artifact capture 3: Draw top maximus02
Artifact capture 4: Wins top искатель_снов
Artifact capture 4: Loss top искатель_снов
Artifact capture 4: Draw top Deftronic
Survival 1: Wins top Skain
Survival 1: Loss top Munlait
Survival 1: Draw top прайс
Survival 2: Wins top волчий_пастырь
Survival 2: Loss top Rokot1
Survival 3: Wins top АцкийДворник
Survival 3: Loss top МАТАНЯ
Survival 3: Draw top МАТАНЯ
Survival 4: Wins top АгрегатныйДворник
Survival 4: Loss top наркоманка
Survival 4: Draw top АмфетаминовыйДворник
Capture base. The gold arena: Wins top БАТЯвадимыча
Capture base. The gold arena: Loss top YkinnikY