Happy Holidays

28 April, 2021
The Hunters faction call to unite and clean the Anomalous Zone out of mutants! Five days of continuous hunting with separate prizes. Eliminate as many mutants as you can to get to the first lines of the top (on one of three main servers: RU, PvP, PvE). New goal every day (from 00:00 till 23:59, by Moscow time):
1 May - Rats
2 May - Hogs
3 May - Verliokas
4 May - Brutors
5 May - Sorcerers
6 May - Bears
7 May - Blyaks
8 May - Jellies
9 May - Basilisks
10 May - Fiends
The first 15 hunters in the tops of every day will get 40 A-Zone pins!
Random SUPERPRIZES will be drawn between those participants who show themselves in several hunts at once (i.e., will take high places and will participate for several days), but no more than one prize in one hand:
1. Full set of "SBZ" without time restrictions:
SBZ Armor Vest
SBZ Jacket
SBZ Pants
SBZ Mask
SBZ Hood
SBZ Gloves
SBZ Boots
2. SBZ Complete Set (60 days) in Box (60 days)
3. "Seven Years" Complete Set (60 days) in Box (60 days)
4. "Night Wolf" Backpack (30 days)
5. Artifact "Piedmont Brutor Whistle" (60 days)
6. Artifact "Bear's Whistle" (24 days) to call a bear in ushanka-hat
7. Artifact "Verlioka's Cube" (24 days)
8. Artifact "Mischief α"
9. Spider Helmet Filter
10. Ezotery
We remind you that only those mutants are taken into account, which brought more than 5 experience points.
The winners will be announced and the prizes will be distributed after the holidays (after the 10th May).
Have a good hunting!